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不对,应该是:What's the meaning? 或者 What does it mean? 解释:mean 是实义动词,而be动词后面不能接动词原形。 What's the meaning 网络 什么意思; [例句]What's the meaning of all this? 所有的这一切是什么意思?

What is that mean 那是什么意思 双语对照 例句: 1. What is that mean, deal with it? 处理是什么意思?

What does that mean?与What is that meaning?意思一样

that means 这意味着 双语例句: 1.That means not to expect anything in return! 这并不意味着期待一切待到回报! 2.They want them to quote your report,” she says.“That means more money for thenext report. 他们希望能够引用你的报道”...

那是什么意思? 供参考。。

后面一个对的拉 前面那个是口语上的连读 只是音可以在非正式场合这么发 但没这种写法

柯林斯英汉双解大词典 raccoon /rəˈkuːn/ (also racoon) ( raccoon ) 1. N-COUNT A raccoon is a small animal that has dark-coloured fur with white stripes on its face and on its long tail. Raccoons live in forests in ...

what does that mean to nomal people 中文意思是:这对普通人意味着什么 也可以读作:What does this mean for ordinary people? what 英 [wɒt] 美 [wɑ:t] pron. (用以询问某人或某事物的词)什么,多少;…的事物 adj. …的(事物或人) ad...

It may be a paragraph in cloze test. It means 这是什么意思?即使在今天,他也会感谢他不能做某事,他会回顾这段经历,并不断告诉自己:一次一块砖


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