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thAt's FinE with mE.是什么意思

that's fine with me 好啊,我同意,我没意见 例如: That's fine with me — I'm not judgmental about dyes. 我是没什么问题的-我也不是对染发剂有意见。 That's fine with me. I'm ready. We'd like you to provide us with the equipment. 好...

1That's fine with me我觉得那样很好 . PREP对… 本句可以看做固定用法 I wonder if you would take a look at the old library and make sure that it is in good condition.这里的make是行为动词并且及物sure是形容词 make sure是固定词组 知道...

1.It's fine with me.比较正规. 2.It's fine to me.可接受 3.It's fine for me.可接受 4.That's fine by me.可接受

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