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Summer is over

Clothes will be dry soon after wash in a summer night in Beiking

The summer break will be here soon. I plan to go to beijing with my mom by train. I like the sunny weather there. I wish to visit the Great Wall, Yiheyuan, and other attractions. My budget is two thousand yuan. I want to bring a camera, a pair of sunglasses, a map, a suitcase, etc.I hope I will have fun there.

你会很快i will be there soon see you的意思我很快就去那儿见你

This summer soon will be passed.But I can't bear to leave.I hope the next summer will come soon. 希望对你有帮助哈

summer is coming soon.夏天快要到了;夏天准备来临了.

您好,英语可翻译为:I hope summer can pass quickly. 满意速速采纳并给予好评,谢谢合作!

The summer holiday will soon be past

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