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speak 为原形 用于主语非三单时的一般现在时态 spoke为过去式 用于一般过去时态 spoken为过去分词 用于完成时态 和 被动语态 We all speak Chinese.He spoke English badly before, but he can speak well with the help of his teacher.Chinese are spoken by many foreigners.

Spoken English is very important.英语口语很重要.

swamShe swam in the river when she was young.She didn't swim in the river when she was young.read,Read the text freely, please.Don't read novels in class!paid,I paid 50 yuan for the book.I didn't pay the bill.showed,He showed the photos to us.

I want to impress him.我想给他一个好印象.He spoke loudly to impress.他大声讲话以引起注意.

vt&vi 做及物动词和不及物动词 1 树叶在微风中沙沙响 The leaves whispered in the breeze. 2 对某人耳语 whisper a word to aperson. 3私下传说他债台高筑 It is whispered that he is heavily in debt.n.做名词 1他们低声说话 They spoke in whispers. 2有谣言传那家公司要破产 There are whispers that the firm is going bankrupt.

fluency1. 流畅2. 流畅的说话(或写作)

directly英 [drektli] 美 [drktli, da-] adv.直接地;不久,立即;正好地,恰好地;坦率地conj.一…就…造句:Directly after the meeting, a senior cabinet minister spoke to the BBC 会议刚刚结束,一名高级内阁部长就在英国广播公司的电台上发表了讲话.

'the teacher said, ' don't forget to close the door after school

很高兴为你解答 Luckily, we're here to change all that. 幸运的是,我们现在就来改变这一切 Luckily for me, he spoke very good English. (此句表达正确) 算我幸运,他英语讲得很好.. Luckily, we both love football. 幸好我们俩都爱足球.请采纳谢谢

each one of us has his duty. 我们每人都有自己的职责. dolphines are pretty smart animal. 海豚是很聪明的动物. who can solve this maths problem? 谁能解决这个数学难题? i never regard myself as an expert. 我从来不认为我自己是专家. we sometimes eat rice instead of potatoes. 我们有时候吃大米,不吃土豆.

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