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Robber Baron 强盗大亨; 强盗贵族; 强盗式贵族; 强盗资本家;robber bellows 橡皮风箱;The Robber 强盗; 抢匪; 抢劫者; 马拉松大盗;Robber Fly 食虫虻昆; 盗虻;honey robber 西瓜炮轰偷蜜狗熊;infamous robber 江洋大盗;Tea robber 茶盗;Naughty Robber 顽皮强盗;robber spring 橡胶弹簧;

sent off v. 寄出(解雇, 命令退场)Have you sent off Lesley's birthady present?你把雷斯莉的生日礼物寄走了吗?I sent you off我罚你出场sent down v. 发送Some twenty students have been sent down.大约二十名学生退学The plates were all sent

1、suggest doing sth 固定词组用法,还有suggest sb do sth的句型,还有suggest that+从句的用法,还有suggest sth to sb 建议某人某事,但是没有suggest sb to do sth 的用法.2、suggest sb do sth, recommed sb to do sth ,propose to do sth.

How to put your strategy into practice is a big problem for young people since many of them find it hard to carry out their plan. however, if we can concentrate on our plans, and try to make our dreams as realiable as we can think about it in detail, i believe that the plan will not, by no means, be realized one day.

fall asleep是固定的词组 【入睡】

serve,help,have,do her best,recover,refuse,against,stay easy

常用的有1.decide against决心不, 决定不采取; 决定反对; 判决(某人)败诉2.decide between于两者中选择其一3.decide for作出有利于的决定; 赞成做某事; 判决(某人)胜诉4.decide in favour of作出有利于的决定; 赞成做某事;

be used to do……被用作……不定式表目的,可用于多种时态例:Wood is used to make paper.木材被用来造纸.used to do sth. 过去总做某事(现在不做了)只用于过去时态例:I used to take a walk after supper every night.以前我习惯每晚饭后

~+名词 avoid a heart attack 避免发心脏病 avoid a mistake 避免错误 avoid a purchase 撤销一项购货 avoid an accident 避免一场事故 avoid an answer 回避答复 avoid bad company 避免与坏人为伍 avoid danger 避开危险 avoid evil 避免邪恶 avoid

你好!应该是 get to understand----逐渐懂得get 在这里是动词 ,而understand只有动词形式(understand /understood /understood)有get to do 的固定搭配所以是get to understand 逐渐懂得如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

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