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pursuits的意思pursuit [pursuit || pər'suːt /pə'sju-]n. 追踪, 追击; 继续进行, 从事;追求, 寻求; 事务

pursuit是什么意思pursuit英[pəˈsju:t]美[pɚˈsut]n.追赶;工作 名词复数:pursuits

pursuits 的动词pəˈsju:ts n.追赶( pursuit的名词复数 );工作;消遣;嗜好

"chase""pursuit"的区别?chase主要是是指驱赶,一般后面接的是可以看到的事物 pursuit 是追求,一般后面接抽象的名词,比如说

pursit是什么意思?应该是prusit吧,它的意思是下:假正经 望采纳!

"疯狂"在英语里面怎么说(是形容词)Increasingly alarmed by high-speed pursuits that are killing hundreds of people every year, police departments around the

宅 用英语怎么说那么,今天咱们就来说说这个话题吧。Indoorsman refers to a person who spends considerable time in indoor pursuits, such as

翻译 英文The art comes from a life, the life is the source of art creations, this is the pattern creations of objective

人生之所以痛苦,在于追求错误的东西 英语怎么说Life is pain, lies in the pursuit of what is wrong

跪求高人 帮我翻译一下下面的英语 急用 谢谢1, the computer can help solve many problems in scientific research.2, production of books is the result of hard work.3

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