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profoundness深邃zhidao拼音双语对照双语例句1The simplicity and lightness of the picture gives a sense of elegance and profoundness.简洁与空灵回,透出作品答的淡雅与隽永.

profound = 极深的,深奥的,深厚的

briefness发音:英 ['bri:fns] 美 ['bri:fns] n.简单,短促例句:briefness is the beauty of our thinking, although complexity is the fact of the world.简洁是我们的思维之美,虽然复杂是这个世界的本质

Mending Wall 修墙;补墙 Simplicity and ProfoundnessFrost and his"Mending Wall"" 简单与深邃弗罗斯特和他的诗《修墙》."Mending Wall" is Robert Frost's well-known blank-verse poem.《补墙》是罗伯特弗洛斯特众所周知的无韵体诗.【根据语境翻】

learned博雅[bó yǎ]- (渊博) erudition; learned and accomplished; well-informed and refined:learned and accomplished worthies;博雅君子a scholar of profound knowledge博雅之士

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love“居善地,心善渊,与善仁,言善信,政善治,事善能,动善时.”

Winston ChurchillTHE JOYS OF WRITINGFebruary 17,1908 The fortunate people in the world-the only reallyfortunate people in the world,in my mind,-arethose whose work is also their pleasure.The classis not a large one,not nearly so large as it is

"The Notre Dame cathedral" maintains the grams. many 雨果 - this19th century France romanticism rare profoundness, rests on thehistorical evidence, also by the artistic exaggeration technique, hasexposed a gloom, false world. Highlighted the



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