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overhearing n. 串话;串音v. 无意中听到;偷听(overhear的ing形式)Keep anguished and angry phone calls until after bedtime; children hate overhearingthem. 开设苦恼和生气的电话通话,直到就寝时间;孩子们不喜欢偷听他们.

你好因为这里的but 是介词,动词跟在介词后要变成ing 的形式希望可以帮到你

你好,overhear和eavesdrop都有“偷听”的意思,overhear 侧重于不小心听到,而eavesdropp 侧重于刻意偷听,具体可见下面的例句.overhear 英 [vh(r)] 美 [ovrhr] vt.偷听;无意中听到;偶然听到 vi.偷听到;无意中听

On one occasion they locked her in a car when they went to a calland wound up the window to prevent her overhearing .有一次他们竟把她锁在车里到车外去打电话, 并且摇上车窗,以防止她偷听.wound up=摇上车窗

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"You Belong with Me" is a country pop song performed by American recording artist Taylor Swif t.Swift was inspired to write "You Belong with Me" after overhearing a male friend of hers arguing with his girlfriend through a phone call; she

英语语法学习笔记IT的用法1、人称代词ITIT一般指物不指人,但可指小孩、婴儿和团体等.IT用于成人,有轻蔑的含义.For example: Would you like to marry Malcom? Fancy being owned by that! Fancy seeing it every day!2、指示代词IT作为

My Fair Lady is an Academy Award-winning 1964 film adaptation of the stage musical, My Fair Lady, based in turn on the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. The film was directed by George Cukor and stars Audrey Hepburn and Rex

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