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晕,他们说错了请不要发垃圾邮件(spam)和非商业邮件.commericial表示商业,non表示"无".所以non-commercial 就是非商业邮件

non commercial risks词典非商业性风险双语例句 In China, the low quality of commercial bank credit assets, and the high rate of non-performing assets, makes the commercial bank credit risk the largest potential financial risks.我国商业银行信贷资产质量不高,不良资产率居高不下,以致商业银行信贷风险成为我国金融风险的最大隐患.

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政策性银行(policy lender/non-commercial bank)是指由政府发起、出资成立,为贯彻和配合政府特定经济政策和意图而进行融资和信用活动的机构.不以营利为目的,专门为贯彻、配合政府社会经济政策或意图,在特定的业务领域内,直接

Non-commercial advertising, promotion is in order to achieve the purpose of doing some kind of advertising, not for profit, such as political, legal, cultural publicity, as well as notices, bulletins, instructions, notices, etc., also known as non-economic


你说的是政策性专业银行吧,所谓政策性银行( policy bank / non-commercial bank )系指那些多由政府创立、参股或保证的,不以营利为目的,专门为贯彻、配合政府社会经济政策或意图,在特定的业务领域内,直接或间接地从事政策性融资

Division 35 of ITAA 1997 quarantines the losses of non-commercial ventures and prevents their deduction against other assessable income. Taxpayer used to run small ventures (such as hobby farms) and gain immediate deductions against their

1、所谓政策性银行( policy bank / non-commercial bank )系指那些多由政府创立、参股或保证的,不以营利为目的,专门为贯彻、配合政府社会经济政策或意图,在特定的业务领域内,直接或间接地从事政策性融资活动,充当政府发展经济

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