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my pEt作文60词

英文:My pet is very clever, it is my friend. I often watch TV together and it. I think, I should take care of it. Although I am going to school I have no time to take care of it, but I did get to play with it. I made a small house for it, because I wanted it to feel

My Pet Recently, three owls appeared suddenly on our campus. They made me think of my pet from childhood. When I was little, we had an owl at home. It was small, gray, and had two big eyes. We liked it very much. Every time I went home, it

1my favorite pet i have a dog. he is my favorite pet. he is very lovely. his name is peter and he is two years old. his fur is long and white. he has big black eyes. his nose is very good. he can smell very well. he is quite small. he weighs about two

.He has two orange paws,a sharp and orange mouth..Of course he has a pairMy favorite animal My father bought me a lovely pet on my birthday

my favorite pet is a cat. we have a beautiful white cat at home. she has a pair of lovely eyes, very big and bright. her hair is very soft and i love to touch it. she is very clever. whenever we call her, she comes to us at once. she is very quiet, most of her

I love rabbits very much,so my pet is a rabbit.I call it "snow".It's lovely,it has white wool ,two red eyes,and long ears.I like playing with it ,it's fun!And also,I like feed it too,it's interesting.Snow is my best friend in my spare time.

Fack Your Mother.

My Pet I have a pet dog, her name is Du Du. She is very cute but quite naughty. My father, my mother and me, we all like her very much, and seldom scold her though she sometimes makes a mess at home. However, my mother got really angry with

l have a pet,it is a dog.It is lovely and it is very kind. It is a white dog . It is a good girl.It like flowel ,so many flowels in my room. It is very edacity. It is my very good friend. l like it,it like me too.(*^_^* )

my pet is very clever ,and she is my friend.I usually watch Tv with her at night. i think ,we should take care of the animals,so although i am very busy ,iam still playing with her.i built a small house for her ,because i want she feel confortable 你再补充些吧不好意思,我也是初中水平..嘿嘿

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