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mildly英 [maldli] 美 [maldli] adv.和善地;轻微地;说得委婉些;说得好听一点

mildly ['maldl] adv. 柔和地, 谨慎地, 和善地

mildly adv. 温和地, 适度地, 略微所以--略微、稍高于平均水平

firmly 是 坚固的 意思mildly 是 轻微的 意思如满意,欢迎采纳!~谢谢!

mildly 是“和善的,轻微的”的意思,而strongly 则是 “强烈地”的意思.该句意思应为“他的心跳剧烈”的意思.所以该选填后者

Mopery是通常幽默的名称为轻微罪行含糊的,非正式的. The word is based on the verb to mope , which originally meant “to wander aimlessly”; it only later acquired the overtones of “bored and depressed”.这个词是根据动词烦闷 ,原本意思

its from the great gatsby "gonnegtions" is Fitzgerald trying to represent a sleezy Jewish gambler saying "connections." it's mildly offensive.



It was a sunny balmy afternoon at the end of a leisurely summer.I was driving on a she would need a ride to come back on campus.Being mildly interested in that girl,I

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