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n. 伙食,名词meal的复数形式.一、读音:英 [milz],美 [milz] 二、例句:Their staff restaurant serves nice meals with a lot of variety.他们单位饭堂的伙食还不错,饭菜品种挺多的.三、词汇搭配:cook the meals 做饭at meals 在吃饭meals at

meal的复数形式meals meal:[英][mi:l][美][mil] n.餐,饭;进餐(时间);〈英〉一次挤奶量;谷物粗粉(用作饲料或加工面粉); vi.进餐; 复数:meals1.make a meal of(英,非正式)小题大做2.meals on wheels (为老年人或残疾人的)上门

意思是:膳食、谷类、进餐.“meals”的音标:[milz]相关词组:three meals a day 一日三餐 have meals 吃饭;用餐 at meals 在吃饭 meals at home 在家用餐 cook the meals 做饭相关造句:1、We find a place to have meals. 我们找到了一个可

meals:伙食 例句与用法: 1. A group of people, usually soldiers or sailors, who regularly eat meals together. 共餐者,伙食团经常一块用膳的一群人,通常指士兵或水手 2. Meals are extra. 伙食费另加. 3. My father and I only meet at meals. 我父亲


meal[mi:l]n.一餐, 一顿饭, 膳食, (谷类的)粗粉vi.进餐meals是meal的动词第三人称单数,或者是名词复数

dish 一道菜 可数名词,one dish , two dishes meal 一顿饭,可指早中晚任意一餐饭.可数名词. a meal, two meals.

n. 一餐,一顿饭;膳食;谷类(meal的复数)v. 进餐(meal的三单形式)

meal[英][mi:l] [美][mil] 简明释义n.餐,饭;进餐(时间);〈英〉一次挤奶量;谷物粗粉(用作饲料或加工面粉) vi.进餐 复数:meals1.N-COUNT一餐;一顿饭A meal is an occasion when people sit down and eat, usually at a regular time.She sat

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