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举起的意思 lift有电梯的意思 例如:The heavy bag was lifted by a little girl. 那个小女孩把那个大包举起来了.

liftedv.举起,抬起( lift的过去式和过去分词 ); 提高; 运送; 解除(封锁、包围等)网络绑架课; 举起; 消散

lifted[liftid]v.举起,抬起( lift的过去式和过去分词 ); 提高; 运送; 解除(封锁、包围等)网 络剽窃;掀起;偷;撩起双语例句1. Brian counted to twenty and lifted his binoculars. Elena did the same. 布赖恩数到20,举起了双筒望远镜.埃琳娜也照着做了.

CL现在困在一个进退两难的窘境.一是风格上的,到底是继续K-Pop还是转为Hip-Hop.MTBD和Hello Bitch都被分在K-Pop的范围,只有The Baddest Famale是Hip-Hop/Rap.如果纯Hip-Hop也许会流失一部分原来喜欢K-Pop的歌迷.二是发展地区上,之前一直嚷嚷CL要去美国发展,发行英文专辑,但快一两年了,除了在时尚圈混混,音乐上还是杳无音讯.而是出了一首还有韩文的新歌,说明市场还是面向韩国本土.就这首歌来说,还算本分,没什么过失,也没什么新颖的地方,听了几遍之后也不是那么洗脑了.“经典”的K-Pop.

smile lifted 微笑解除

CL (2NE1) LIFTED Lyrics (English) + Music VideoHey you, get off my cloud,You don't know me and you don't know my styleGetting lifted, never come downGetting lifted, unh,Getting dumb on the trump, rum pum pum pum pumBetter run

get it lifted的中文翻译get it lifted 把它举起

歌曲名:Lifted歌手:Eurythmics专辑:PeaceI know you're hurtingFeels like you're learning'Bout life the hard wayAnd it ain't workingSems like foreverThat you've been fallingIt's time to move onYour life is calling, yeah* This was never meant to be

Be lifted up X2As we bow downBe lifted up X3As we bow downBe lifted upCHORUS:The heavens rejoiceLet the nations be gladLet the whole earth trembleBefore you our GodCome and worship the LordIn the beauty of holinessAs we bow downBe

歌曲名:Lifted歌手:Lighthouse Family专辑:Forever Friends 'Just For You'I really love to be alone with out all theAche and pain and the April showersBut it ain't long before I long for youLike a ray of hope coming through the blue moonWhen it all

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