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leave for 是出发至某处 如: He left for Beijing yesterday. leave sth for sb 是把什么留给什么人 如:She left these flowers for you. leave sb for sb 是离开什么人去和什么人在一起 如:He left his wife for a young lady. leave sth to do sth 是指为做某事离

leave 是离开的意思 词性及解释 n. 许可, 告别, 请假, 休假 vt. 离开, 剩下, 遗忘, 委托, 丢弃 vi. 出发, 离开, 生叶 【法】 许可, 同意, 准假 n. 残瓶(投球后未被击倒留下的瓶) 常用短语 leave for sp. 出发去某地 leave sb no choice 让某人没有选择 arrive是到达的意思习惯用语 arrive at到达(目的地); 达到, 得出(结论等) too swift arrives as tardy as too slow. [谚]欲速则不达.

leave 和forget的区别:①forget是忘记,不再把某事放心上,忽视忽略的意思.leave是遗忘,丢下的意思.具体用法上,forget一般是forger to do sth(忘记去做)或forget doing sth(忘记曾做过的事),这时不能用leave;leave一般是leave sth sp

leave用法 1.leave用作及物动词,意为“留 下,留给,放下”常与表示地点的介词 短语连用.短语leave sb by oneself意 为“把某人独自留下” They are very busy with work and always leave their son home by himself. I left my umbrella in the train. 2. leave可用作及物或不及物动

leave 英[li:v] 美[liv] vt. 离开; 遗弃; 忘了带; 交托; vt. 离去; 出发; 舍弃; n. 准假; 假期; 辞别; 许可; [例句]He would not be allowed to leave the country 他可能会被禁止离开该国.同义词近义词:go to 、clear off、 depart from、deviate from、…… 希望可以帮到你,



及物动词 vt.1.把…留下; 遗忘 I must go back, I've left my car keys.我必须回去, 我忘了带汽车钥匙.2.听任, 让 Leave him to his father; he'll deal with him.让他父亲去收拾他吧!3.交托, 委托 I'll leave everything to you then.那我就把一切托付给你

1. 离开,离去;从…走开;脱离: 例句: He has left Beijing for London.他已经离开北京到伦敦去了. He left his hometown and looked for a job in town.他离开家乡到城里找工作. 2. 留;剩下: 例句: She left some of the food for her husband.

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