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Lyrics to How You Like Me Now : Now there was a time When you loved me so I could have been wrong But now you needed to know See, I've been a bad, bad, bad, bad man And I'm in deep, Yes I am I found a brand new love for this ma...

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that's how 和that's so 的主要区别在于:that's how 后面可以接句子,而that's so 后面什么都不接。

强调句型的疑问句形式很多,和其他疑问句一样,用疑问词开头, what/when/which\how/ why/whowhere等疑问词+is/was it+that+陈述语序的句子?(疑问的是强调部分) 如:Where was it that your put your keys? 你竟把要是钥匙放哪里了? why was...

Kehlani的单曲《How That Taste》: They didn't want me then,他们以前不想要我,They want me now,现在却又需要我,Did not want me to win,曾经不希望我夺冠,But now they're proud,现在我却让他们感到骄傲,Now they're paying to get i...


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ask 带双宾语,someone是间接宾语,whether they could sew是直接宾语

how can you say that是什么意思? 【释义】 how can you say that 你怎么能这么说 请采纳~

what对物体提问,意思是什么 that一般引导宾语从句和定语从句 which意思是哪一个 when对时间提问 where是地点副词,对地点提问,意思是哪里 how对方式提问,意思是怎样,也可引导感叹句 例句: 1.Dr. Johnson: What's the matter with you, Mrs. Lee...

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