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FED up

前者不正式 我对你厌倦了 = I am fed up with you. 你对我厌倦了 = You are fed up with me. 其实 fed up 主要用于无可忍的意思. I am so fed up with what you do 就是我对你做的事忍无可忍 I am so tired of you 才是我对你厌倦了. 如果要口语...


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fed up with =bored with; at the end of one's patience;tired;depressed 受够了;厌烦;对…厌倦 *People get fed up with anyone who brags all the time.人们讨厌老是自吹自擂的人。 *I am fed up with his laziness and carelessness....

be fed up with 厌烦 双语对照 词典结果: be fed up with[英][bi: fed ʌp wið][美][bi fɛd ʌp wɪð] 饱受,厌烦; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. The kremlin may just be fed up with endless new demands and d...

be fed up by后面接某人,即表达由某人喂 be fed up with后面接物,用某物喂

要看句子咯。。比如 I'm so fed up doing all the house chores all by myself. 或者 I feel so fed up to do my homework.

be fed up with 英[bi: fed ʌp wið] 美[bi fɛd ʌp wɪð] [词典] 饱受,厌烦; [例句]Little by little, I began to be fed up with examinations. 渐渐地,我开始厌烦起考试来。 【附】 be 英[bi] 美[bi] v. 是; 有...

受够了;厌烦了 例如:I get fed up with so much work every day.


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