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evaluation是什么意思诊断;全部释义>> [例句]His blood work was clean, last psych evaluation normal.验血结果正常,最后的心理评估也正常.

evaluations什么意思evaluations[审计] 评估(evaluation的复数)如:comprehensive evaluation综合评价,综合评价法 performance evaluation性能评估;性能赋值

请教一下,evaluation和assessment有什么区别?区别挺大的,Evaluation 有评价,评估的意思,多为对于一个人有提出意见或者建议,打分写反馈表那种。

Assessment与Evaluation用法有区别吗2、evaluation 的分析一般跟价值有关系。例如:In order to facilitate the registration and evaluation

论文evaluation怎么写Evaluation is made in accordance with the professional, methodological and personal learning objectives

evaluation?evaluation 手机爱问The following guidelines underlie many of the more specific criteria for evaluation which will be found later in this book and act as

valuation 和 evaluation 区别?查英英字典就知道啦 valuation:评估价值,侧重这个东东多少钱 evaluation:侧重评测鉴定,比如这件事情很难评估对与错 下面是英文释义

evaluation作为评价来翻译是不是可数名词?谢谢!回答:可数名词和不可数名词的用法都有。 用作可数名词时,用复数的情况较少。 如:Teacher does a brief evaluation. 老师作一个简

evaluation作为评价来翻译是不是可数名词?可数名词和不可数名词的用法都有.用作可数名词时,用复数的情况较少.如:Teacher does a

evaluation与value的用法evaluation意思是评估,比如:I will review the evaluation of the project before making any decision.而value意思主要是价值,

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