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你好!drugery: dull, irksome, and fatiguing work : uninspiring or menial labor work : 含义较多,可以说是包含了drugery 如有疑问,请追问.



chore [t:] n.1. (家庭或农庄的)杂务,杂活2. 日常零星工作[常用复数]3. 困难的工作;令人厌烦的工作eg:The chore fell to him.杂活落到了他的头上.Most household chores also take place in the kitchen.(杂务)而大部分家庭杂务也大都源于

format的意思是n.版式,设计vt.使格式化,设计,安排[计算机]格式,DOS命令: 格式化(磁盘)drudgery compute arbitrary的意思,怪怪的.计算任意苦差事

Cinderella [简明英汉词典][7sindE5relE]辛德瑞拉/仙度瑞拉n.灰姑娘("水晶鞋与玫 the fairy-tale character who escapes from a life of drudgery and marries a prince 源自

Some people think that life at present is better than life in the past. They think that now Electric appliances at home have taken the drudgery out of housework. New

1 suffer for因……而遭受恶果The terrorists shall suffer for this.恐怖分子会因此而遭受恶果.suffer 指一般的或一次性的损害、痛苦等等,但suffer from多指长期的或习惯性的痛苦或困难.2 suffer from+疾病名词(或者他人闲言碎语/劳累/经济损失/

Cinderella[7sindE5relE]n.灰姑娘("水晶鞋与玫瑰花"中的女主人公)CinderellaCin.der.el.laAHD:[sn”d…-rl“…] D.J.[7sind*6rel*]K.K.[7s!nd*6rWl*]n.(名词)One that unexpectedly achieves recognition or success after a period of

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