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dominoesn.多米诺骨牌( domino的名词复数 ); [英]['dmnz][美]['dmnoz]

tomatoes是番茄复数形式,这个是正确的,那个tomatos 是错的

歌曲名:Dominoes歌手:The Beyond专辑:CrawlYou're playing your piecesYou're setting me upTrying to knock me downYou don't have a reasonThat I can believe inTo push me roundYou're creating a highway of liesOne by oneNo matter what

tiling 报错 英 ['tal] 美 ['tal] 全球发音 跟读 口语练习n. 瓷砖;盖瓦;铺瓷砖;瓦类v. 铺瓦于;铺以瓷砖(tile的ing形式)n. (Tiling)人名;(德、俄)蒂林dominoes 报错 英 ['dminuz] 美 全球发音跟读 口语练习n. 多米诺骨牌(效应);牙齿;骰子(domino的复数)用多米诺骨牌的效应铺设一个网络


歌曲名:Dominoes歌手:The Mama King专辑:Suomipoppia 16Our Muzik - 最前沿的欧美音乐!Heyyyy ooohNothing ever happens in this townIts the same old thing when we go outA new place to hang with the same crowdI looked up when you

是Rock and roll,就是摇滚的意思.


cards. a domino set is a generic gaming device, similar to playing cards or dice, in that a variety of games can be played with a set. each domino is a rectangular tile with a line dividing its face into two square ends. in the area of mathematical tilings

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