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应该是cocktail吧 cocktail ['kkteil] a. 鸡尾酒(的) n. 鸡尾酒 例句与用法: Found cocktail parties distasteful. 发现鸡尾酒会令人反感 A cocktail served in a tall glass and consisting of liquor, such as whiskey, mixed with water or a carbonated

more distasteful to the cuddy than Pine

complacence和complacency都是名词,也都是“自满”,“自得” , “自鸣得意”,的意思.在普通的使用中二者的区别很小,一些著名的大辞典如牛津、企鹅等均是并列二者,并不加以进一步区分,即“complacence”=“complacency”,而

dirtydirt.yAHD:[dr“t] D.J.[6dT8ti8]K.K.[6dPti]adj.(形容词)dirt.i.er,dirt.i.est Soiled, as with dirt; unclean.带泥土的;不干净的Spreading dirt; polluting:灰尘遍布的;污染的:The air near the foundry was always dirty.铸造厂附近的空气总是灰蒙

你好!是不是 现在小了仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

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