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affixation英 [fk'sen] 美 [fk'sen] n.附加,附加法,加词缀法1What is affixation, conversion and compounding? 什么是词缀法、转化法和合成法?2In terms of word-formation, they can be borrowed by means of affixation, compounding and blending. 根据构词法特点,可以分类为词缀借词、复合法借词和仿借合成词.

推荐你zd去英语内网站查容 In linguistics, a compound is a lexeme (less precisely, a word) that consists of more than one stem. Compounding or composition is the process of word formation that creates compound lexemes (the other word-


B 合成、派生、转化

不知道 你们是什么课本 这个是我们上学期考过的 Lexicologya branch of linguistics concerned with the vocabulary of the English language in respect to words and word equivalents Wordword is a fundamental unit of speech and a minimum free

intricate 着重于各部分交织在一起很难区分或分析:It's a novel with an intricate plot. 过去分词:compounded 现在分词:compounding 第三人称单数:compounds 例句与

构词法word formation 包括造词法coinage,借词法borrowing,合成法compounding,混合法blending,缩略法clipping,逆构词法backformation,转换法conversion,派生法derivation,多元构词法multiple process.最常见的是deri

英语中的委婉语 英文euphemism(委婉语)一词系源自希腊语.词头"eu-"的意思是"good"(好),词干"phemism"的意思是"speech"(言语),整个字面意义是"word of good omen"(吉言)或(好的说法).一般认为,凡是表示

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