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虽然capital是首都,不过这里我们不可以这样解释,如果连上了后面的 punishment 呢就是死刑.这里呢 capital 跟centre 差不多(中心、严重的)之类的.

capital punishment 英[kpitl pnmnt] 美[kptl pnmnt] [释义] 死刑; [例句]In this case, people that are never going to vote for capital punishment.在这件案里,就是一定不会同意用极刑的人.

capital punishment是罚款 death penalty 是死刑

Supreme Court capital punishment 最高法院 判处死刑

Capital punishment, the death penalty or execution, is the killing of a person by judicial process for retribution and incapacitation. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences. The term capital originates

2. Capital punishment is surely a cruel but necessary punishment. Now, he would ask, what was capital punishment前者是“死罪”,强调于犯罪 1. Murder in the first degree is a capital crime. 2. A figure head of capital crime with a light shining down. 在灿烂的灯光下国家罪犯的首脑. 后者“死刑”主要强调刑罚! 1? 现在,他要问的是到底什么是死刑. 她被发现犯有一级谋杀罪

capital 在这里是头的意思 punishment 是处罚对头的处罚 就是 死刑啊

death penalty:The punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime.capital punishment:The legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime.解释都差不多,但death penalty简单直接,很常用capital punishment相对生僻一些!

Hi, Dear friend.You will find a lot of articles regarding capital punishment in the hyperlink I give u below.The following is an example.Capital punishment: where the world stands UN Chronicle, Dec, 2004 by Bree Polk-BaumanMany cultures throughout

前者是“死罪”,强调于犯罪1.Murder in the first degree is a capital crime.她被发现犯有一级谋杀罪.2.A figure head of capital crime with a light shining down.在灿烂的灯光下国家罪犯的首脑.后者“死刑”主要强调刑罚!1.Now,he would ask,what was capital punishment?现在,他要问的是到底什么是死刑?2.Capital punishment is surely a cruel but necessary punishment.死刑的确是一种残酷但是又很必要的刑罚.

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