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biographies 英[ba'rfz] 美[ba'rfz] n. 传记( biography的名词复数 ); [例句]Immelt: I do a lot of biographies, a fair amount of history, and some novels. 伊梅尔特:我读大量的传记,也读不少历史书和一些小说. [其他] 原型: biography

是个名字网络上没有官方名称Tavonus Family Trees, Crests, Genealogies, Biographies, DNA, and More……tavonus家族树顶,家谱、传记、DNA,和更多重点词汇释义Family Trees族谱; 系谱( family tree的名词复数 ); 系谱图; 族谱图

你好!Go to the bookstore 去书店go去bookstore 书店满意请采纳记得给问豆啊!

. 创建角色例句:1.Create character biographies for the majority of your main characters. 为绝大多数的主要角色建立简历.2.If you want to use a special font, size or color for the numbering, you can create acharacter style and apply it in the options page. 如果你想要为编号列表使用一种特殊的字体、大小或者颜色,你可以创建一个字符风格并在这个选项页面应用

列传第二十三 宗元饶 司马申 毛喜 蔡徵宗元饶,南郡江陵人也.少好学,以孝敬闻.仕梁世,解褐本州主簿,迁征南府行参军,仍转外兵参军.及司徒王僧辩幕府初建,元饶与沛国刘师知同为主簿.高祖受禅,除晋陵令.入为尚书 希望对你有帮助

chen books, biographies of the twenty-third, sima shen. 手工劳动,望采纳

autobiographies 是autobiography的复数n. 自传1. Have you read his autobiography?你读过他的自传吗? 2. Enclosed please find a resume, a photo and an autobiography.随函附上简历表,相片及自转各一份. 3. Iacocca's autobiography is a best- seller.艾科卡的自传是一本畅销书. 4. He rounded out his quartet with an autobiography.他以自传作为他的四部曲的结尾.

Ghostwriters are widely used by celebrities or public figures who wish to publish their autobiographies.the degree of involvement of the ghostwriter in nonfiction writing projects ranges from minor t

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