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hardly,scarcely和barely这三个词在意义上都接近于否定. hardly 主要与any,ever,at all或动词can连用: he has hadly any money. 他几乎没有钱.(非常少) i hardly ever go out. 我很少外出.(我极少外出.) it hadly rained at all last summer. 去年

1.hardlyadv.(副词)Barely; just.几乎没有;仅仅:刚刚To almost no degree; almost not:几乎不:任何程度上几乎不;几乎没有:I could hardly hear the speaker.我几乎听不到演说者的声音Probably or almost surely not:可能或几乎肯定不:“

这几个副词都含有“几乎”的意思,如barely,hardly,carcely ,区分如下:barely意为“仅仅,刚好,正好”,表示肯定意义,常和enough,sufficient等词连用,如be barely enough勉强够;hardly意为“几乎不”,强调几乎不可能,表示否定意义,

区分barely,hardly,scarcely, merely,almost同志们,四六级词汇里有几个副词都含有“几乎”的意思,如barely,hardly,scarcely, merely,almost,区分如下:<br />barely意为“仅仅,刚好,正好”,表示肯定意义,常和enough,sufficient等词连用,如

merely意为“仅仅,只,不过”,表示肯定意义,如be merely the beginning,仅仅是个开头.hardly意为“几乎不,简直不”,强调几乎不可能,表示否定意义,常和情态动词can,could连用,如could hardly see几乎看不见.barely意为“仅仅,

merely barely多用于否定句 表示否定意思 simply表示仅仅,简单地 purely表示纯粹地,完完全全地

Strictly speaking,the use of ever after rarely and seldom is redundant; She rarely ever watches television adds nothing to She rarely watches television.In an earlier survey a large majority of the Us

rarely,很少地,难得地,少见地 seldom,表示频率,很少,不常,反义词often hardly 几乎不,简直不= almost not ,强调困难 scarcely = hardly 几乎不,简直没有,仅仅,刚刚,用在be/助动词后,强调数量和程度的不足 barely 仅仅,刚刚,几乎不能,强调勉强够数

rarely =not often adv.1.罕见地,少有地;难得2.极好地,出色地3.特殊地,非同寻常地 we rarely met Rarely does the narrator comment on or explain a character's actions or thoughts or motives.There's only the barest minimum of dialogue.作者极少

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