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AppEAr to Do例句

appear to 后面的位于动词用原型,即appear to do和appear to be。 还可以跟appear to have done。 appear to 英 [əˈpiə tu:] 美 [əˈpɪr tu] 似乎,好像 appear to be例句: Time would appear to be the signifi...

appear. to. do造句 On the whole, markets appear to do a better job of channeling those incentives to usefulends than any other form of economic organization. 总体上来说,市场似乎能比其他任何一种经济组织,更好地将那些诱因引导到...

appear to do 似乎做了某事 ( Many people in the workplace appear to do this.) If you do the same things everyday, then your life is going to be boring by definition. (很多职场人士都有这种倾向。)如果你每天重复同样的事情,那你的...

lilei  appear to  sing  song.

appear to be:好像是,仿佛;强调状态. 如:There seems appears] to be something the matter with her(她好像出了什么事儿似的). appear to be doing:好像做了某事;强调做了某事,过去式. 如:he self-assured may appear to be doing bett...

You appear to be mistaken.

appear to be:好像是,仿佛;强调状态 appear to do:好像做了某事;强调做了......事 如果后面不是"flattering"而是"flat"就用"appear to",因为"flat"就是do的形式了。

这里的 be 是和 reluctant 搭配的,be reluctant to do something,不情愿做某事的意思

stop leave

理解正确的。 代词除了可以作宾语时,也可以作主语、表语、定语(whose)的; 而副词是结构完整时用的。 whose book to appear where to go

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