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一首歌中有两句歌词是BABy i Don't know, why i lovE you so...

Pnau - Baby

sweetbox 歌词:do you know? do you know why your heart stands still?) do you know what you're looking for? why your tears dry clear?do you know why you're breaking hearts?why you're ending up back in the start? (oh oh) do you know

making love out of nothing at all 歌词 i know just how to whisper and i know just how to cry i know just where to find the answers and i know just how to lie i know just how to fake it i know just how to scheme i know just when to face the truth and then i

歌曲: baby 歌手: warpaint 专辑: 《the fool》baby--warpaint don't you call anybody else baby,'cause i'm your baby still you took a long time to make it but i've never changed my mind i've never tried to fake it never drew the line don't you call

i don't know why 歌手:amy grant this is one of those moments when all that really matters is crystal clear we are woven together by whatever threads of life that have brought us here we are stripped of all our layers we are getting to the core tell me

由Bob Crewe填词,Bob Gaudio作曲的《can't take my eyes off you》中英文歌词:You're just too good to be true 中:你美好得如此不真实 Can't take my eyes off you 我的视线无法转移 You'd be like heaven to touch 你就像人们向往的天堂 I wanna

westlife的miss you 无法入睡 无法呼吸 当你的身影在我的脑海中 不愿当你眼中的傻子 我们所拥有的只是一连串的谎言 当我们的爱渐渐逝去 听听我的真心告白 我不愿再有 我现在的感觉 我只是想 在你身边 我不愿见到 我们俩分离 我要说出我的真

james taylor - why baby why tell me why baby, why baby, why baby why you make me cry baby, cry baby, cry baby lord, i can't help but love you 'til the day that i die so tell me, why baby, why baby, why baby why well i got a crow i wanna pick with you just

http://music.hlj.net/upsongfiles/iloveyou.mp3i love you歌手:阿木 专辑:37.2℃男友 i love you-阿木想着~你的脸手中咖啡不觉已喝完想着~再一遍没有你的夜晚快乐会远离我一光年你的眼神美得沉醉让我沉醉~满天星光是我的歌动情的唱着babay i

穗啊,这个要问我嘛,应该是Backstreet Boys的Inconsolable吧.

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