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Why do you come to China?你为啥来中国?如果他回答因为喜欢中国,那就问他Why do you like China?Can you give us some details to support your answer?你为啥喜欢中国?给点细节解释说!Why do you choose to be a teacher?你为什么选

1.这个主要是训练常用表达. 2.请把你想问他的问题先用中文写出来,然后翻译成外语.

1.What do you think of global warming ?你如何看待全球变暖?2.How do you think of Chinese in SARS?你认为中国人在SARS中表现如何?3.How do you evaluate Bush?你如何评价布什?4.Do you agree with the English study manner of

1. you life first plan is?2. you definitely have what is the meaning of life?3.If one day, you are in a desert, you are thirsty, but you went for a while, and found a bottle of colored liquid, you can drink?4. Do you think the value of life?5 if one day, your

1.What do you think of Susan, the famous singer? (苏珊大妈)2. British Prime Minister Mr. Brown left his office. Is it a sensational news to the British people?3. If you are asked to compare Korean and Chinese people, what would you say?4. You

What's your name?How old are you What do you like How do you think of China?Have you ever been to the Great Wall?

你的意思是怎么用英文问外教问题还是要翻译这个句子.我不是很懂.如果你想请教外教问题的话,我们学过许多的疑问句,这个书上都有的,最基础的,应该没问题.如果你是要翻译这个短句“怎么问外教问题”,那么这个句子就翻译为,How to consult advice from foreign teacher.

What's your hobby? 你有什么爱好? How long have you been in China? 你来中国多久了? Do you like our city? 你喜欢我们城市吗? 仅供参考 只要大胆交流就OK了

汗,你对什么感兴趣啊,八卦一点的问题.你从哪里来?where are you from?你干什么的?what do you do?你喜欢什么样的食物?what kind of food is your favorite?你来中国多久?how long have you been in China?随便聊呗

你要找外教 英语翻译啊?这边有很多的.不知道你的英语基础以及学习目的,我给你几个建议吧,反正大的英语培训机构无外乎那么几个~ 比如要短期加强培训,考雅思、托福、四六级之类可以看新东方、环球雅思之类的,都有相应设置的笔试单项强化的课程,对考试还是很有效的.比如要练口语运用能力的话,建议找个好的平台,可以三五个人上课多交流,比如英孚、华尔街,都是小班的课了. 如果预算和时间都比较紧的话,其实可以考虑下乐知在线英语了,他们的课程全部公开上课先免费旁听系统学习下,如果需要和老师交流互动再考虑报名就好了. 希望能帮到你了.

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