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seven days.啦!! 不会错..

歌名:things go wrong 歌手:isaak chris 专辑:forever blue Trying to rememeber what I know I should forget.Trying to forget her but I really haven't yet.Isaak ChrisThings go wrong, things go wrong.Trying to rememeber what it was I said you'd done.

哥们!估计是找不到了!你只记得这一句Who's wrong怎么找得到你看看这个是不是who s right who s wrong 歌手:pages 专辑:future street (with Kenny Loggins)I, I've grown tired of fightingWhether you're right or wrong, whether I'm

rhapsody - emerald sword

Long Shot - Kelly ClarksonI felt itThe wire touched my neck andThen someone pulled it tighterI never saw it comingI'm certain to back out andThen someone said good morningI took it as a warningI should have seen it comingSo now I'll take a

我把我珍藏的全搜出来了,一定要仔细听一下啊!都是我的宝贝啊~ 法语:圣诞节快到了,先推荐一首 noel sans toi 《没有你的圣诞节》 还有joe dassin 的 et si tu n'existais pas 《如果没有你》、les champs elysees 《香榭丽舍》等,我觉得joe

ROCK N' ROLL 摇+滚Let'em know that we're still rock n' roll让他们知道我们仍在摇滚I don't care about my make up我不在乎我的装扮I like it better with my jeans all ripped up我更喜欢我的破洞牛仔裤Don't know how to keep my mouth shut不知道怎

I Will Take You Home - Ed Sheeran,RudimentalI stole a car last nightDon't know where we're gonna goBut go ahead and driveI will take you homeHoney it's cold outsideMmm your jumper is tornBut darling hold on tightI will keep you warmAnd we will

应该是you are beautiful 是雪佛兰广告唱的 这首歌被我们年级的一个男生在英文歌手大赛上唱过,到现在还很流行那句 you are beautiful

You were my conscience你曾是我的良心So solid now you're like water坚毅如磐石的你现在像流水一般孱弱And we started drowning我们开始被覆没Not like we'd sink any farther比我们想要的更深But I let my heart go但是我想让我的心离去Its

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